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The vision behind VITAL ENTERPRISES is to provide quality products and services for all types of water treatment and purification. We offer a wide range of solutions from household water Treatment systems to broad spectrum industrial, commercial water treatment solutions. We are sole distributors and dealers for many American water treatment solution providers and filtration products manufacturing companies. We are also import from different branded manufacturer from UK, Austria, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. With over 15 years of market experience we understand the needs of our clients and we offer tailored solutions to match the unique requirements of our customers. We take pride in providing quality solutions and we offer the best quality products at competitive prices.

Hydro Safe Products :

HYDRO SAFE PRODUCTS, sister concern company and registered brandname of Vital Enterprisesused in Local and International Market.

The quality of water determines the quality of life. The commercial water available in general households does not only contain the water borne diseases including bacteria and viruses, it also has residue and chemicals that are harmful for health. The statistics on diseases and deaths caused due to water related diseases is on the rise. We offer a state of the art water treatment solution that is customized according to the client’s specification. We do not offer an out of the box solution that is applicable to a wide range of needs. We offer solutions for all different type of water related problems including, hard water, salt water, oil based water contamination, non-dissolving chemical contamination and sedimentation to name a few. Every requirement is unique and we study the need to offer a tailored solution for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Or strategy is to constantly evolve and learn the latest and state of the art techniques and research to solve the problems faced by the consumers in the use of drinking water. From easy and abundant availability to treatment of microscopic germs and from killing bacteria, viruses and other water borne particles to removing residue, we are constantly looking at ways of improving our solutions. As the distributors of leading water treatment companies, we offer the latest cutting edge technologies and products. We believe in innovation and constant improvement of our products. All our products meet the internationally recognized standards for quality. We are members of the water quality association and keep up to date information on the recent advancements in the field of water treatment

Historically, high quality solutions for water treatment have been attributed to above average or large-scale industry only. Quality has always been thought of as a luxury that only few could afford. Vital Enterprises provides water quality solutions to all our clients tailored to the their unique needs at affordable and competitive prices

We combine our technical expertise and product knowledge to build custom blocks for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Offering the largest selection of products available, along with some of the most experienced staff and competitive on time delivery records we have grown exponentially over the last many years. We have a wide range of water treatment equipment including water softeners, reverse osmosis treatment, mineral water plants and deionization plants along with community water treatment plants.

We offer both extruded and molded block, meaning we provide what the clients need, not what we have. Our comprehensive sediment filters, Activated carbon and carbon block, Ultraviolet sterilizing systems, and latest method worldwide Ultra filtration membranes, water softening and reverse osmosis treatment offering includes:

The bottom line is that at Vital Enterprises we provide our clients with a solution to match their custom needs in a timely manner. We back up our products with the best in the industry technical support. We believe in repeat business and we maintain the highest quality standards to ensure that our customers come back to us again and again.

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