BNT-85HE Twin Tank Alternating System

BNT-85HE Twin Tank Alternating System


Tank #1 Service / Tank #2 Standby

Tank #1 in service until remain capacity reaches zero.

Tank #2 Service / Tank #1 Regen
When Tank #1 reaches zero.  1# outlet Ball valve closed and 2# ball valve open to service, Tank #1 goes into a regeneration.

Tank #2 Service / Tank #1 Standby
When Tank #1 completes its regeneration, it enter into standby untill tank #2 reaches zero.

Tank #1 Service / Tank #2 Service
When the flow rate is high and over the preset trip point, the standby tank will get on-line to increase the capacity anytime.

Smart system

As flow rate demand increases and overed the preset trip points, external motorized ball valves on each control valve are opened to bring the stand-by tank on-line to increase flow capacity. When the demand goes down below the trip points, the stand-by tank is taken off-line. When the capacity of a tank is depleted, it will immediately go into regeneration. The outlet valve will close to prevent any hard water from entering the service line. The tank standby will get into service at the same time.

New features

Up-flow Regeneration: Provides high efficiency and ultra low hardness leakage (less than 1 ppm)

Soft Water Refill: Adds treated water to the brine tank to keep brine clean and reduces maintenance.

Master Controller: Fully programmable electronic controller with adjustable cycles.

Advanced Diagnostic Information: Easily trouble shoot and access system information displayed in real time.

Back Wash Override: Reduces regeneration water usage by skipping preset number of back wash cycles.

For Applications Such As
Apartments – Boiler Treatment – Motels – School – Nursing Homes – Office Buildings – Resorts – Restaurants – Office Buildings – Hospital – RO Pre-Treatment – Cooling Tower – Car Wash – Dairies – Factories – Laundromats


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