PnP Premium R.O System

PnP Premium R.O System


A system that allows cartridge replacement by the consumer by applying the easy and quick cartridge replacement. SQC (sanitary quick change) that considers sanitation.

This is a product that is appropriate for use in the home, as the cartridge can be replaced without additional locking, with the automatic shut-off function of the water source by the built-in automatic shut-off valve.

You are able to select the turn type that connects and separates the filter by turning it at 90 degrees, and the push type that connects and separates the filter using a push button.


  • Easy and quick filter replacement with the SQC (Sanitary Quick Change) method
  • Automatic shut-off water flow during the replacement of the filter with the built-in automatic shut-off valve
  • Safety guaranteed through the firm structure (Regulations of the NSF structure test satisfied)
  • Safety guaranteed on the human body with the use of parts made from NSF-approved materials
  • Efficient water filtering function with the various water treatment systems
  • Cartridges selectable for each water filter capacity (8”, 10”, 11”, 13”)


  • In/Outlet : 1/4″, Quick Change Fitting
  • Operation Pressure : 10 ~ 125psi
  • Dimension : 291 (W) × 343 (H) × 96 (D)
  • Temperature : 4 – 40°C cold water use only
  • Material : PP, ABS, POM
  • Filteration step : Sedi – Carbon Block – RO – GAC


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