Commercial System(Maxtream)

Commercial System(Maxtream)


This is a product that is appropriate for industrial use (coffee machines, ice makers etc.) with abundant storage space of water. It is a product that has optimized the convenience of installation with the composition of various connective parts. Furthermore, the one-touch (turn type) connecting method is used to allow the selection of various connectors based on the condition of installation, and prevents the propagation of bacteria within the system with antibacterial functions that applies the nano-silver coating technology.

It is also a product that guarantees safety with the use of parts with materials that have been NSF-approved.

It can be installed in the home according to requirement, and is a product that is required to be installed in coffee houses, fast-food restaurants, general restaurants,hotels, cafeterias, and hospitals.



  • Easy and quick filter replacement with the SQC (Sanitary Quick Change) method
  • Safety guaranteed through the firm structure (Regulations of the NSF structure test satisfied)
  • Use of NSF-approved materials
  • Simultaneous use of various uses with the abundant storage space
  • Wide applications in coffee machines, icemakers, and steamers etc
  • Cartridges selectable for each water filter capacity (15??SPAN lang=”EN-US”>, 20??


  • In/Outlet : 3/8″Thread Type, 3/8″Fitting Type
  • Operating Pressure : 10 ~ 125psi
  • Dimension : vessel(104 x17 x431mm),media(104 x117 x 561mm)
  • Material : PP, ABS, POM


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